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Propositions[kobɔngisa mosólo]

  • no === tɛ̂
  • watch === kokengela / kosenzela / kobatela / kotala
  • view === botali ?
  • delete === kolongola / kosilisa /kolimwissa
  • cancel === bobomi / bosilisi ?
  • statistic === motuya ya bilɔkɔ / motuya ya bato ?
  • user === akosalisako / asungaka ?

Translate the interface![kobɔngisa mosólo]

We started to translate the interface from English to Lingála. Please help to translate. To translate, you can became an administrator or translate on this page, and an administrator will change the interface. Thank you very much. --Bombo 12:58, 15 septembere 2005 (UTC)

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allready translated[kobɔngisa mosólo]

A[kobɔngisa mosólo]

administrateur Moyángeli
and mpé
article ekakoli
Zelle 5 Zelle 6

B[kobɔngisa mosólo]

C[kobɔngisa mosólo]

category molɔngɔ
contributions ntako

D[kobɔngisa mosólo]

discussion ntembe

E[kobɔngisa mosólo]

Edit kobalusa
error mbéba

G[kobɔngisa mosólo]

Go kokɛndɛ

H[kobɔngisa mosólo]

help bosungi
hide kobomba
history likambo

I[kobɔngisa mosólo]

images elilingi
in other languages na nkóta na yɔ̌

L[kobɔngisa mosólo]

Language Lokótá
log in kokɔtɔ
log out kolongwa

M[kobɔngisa mosólo]

main page Lokásá ya liboso
messages monɔkɔ
my contributions ntako na ngáí
my talk ntembe na ngáí
my watchlist * na ngáí

N[kobɔngisa mosólo]

new articles ekakoli ya sika
new message monɔkɔ ya sika
new page ekakoli ya sika

R[kobɔngisa mosólo]

real name nkómbó ya sɔ̌lɔ́

S[kobɔngisa mosólo]

safe kokósoli
search boluki

T[kobɔngisa mosólo]

talk Kosolola

U[kobɔngisa mosólo]

upload kokumbisa

W[kobɔngisa mosólo]

Watch this page Kobáta lokásá óyo

Y[kobɔngisa mosólo]

your text nkomá na yɔ̌