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Hello GilliamJF I am writing to you in English while in your babel this is the only language you mention. $ For several ties you changed «febuari» to «februari» and I changed it back. Have you a godd reason for this? May be a source as a dictionnary? My reason to change back are:

  • 1st in others articles is always febuari;
  • 2nd in Akowuah: Lingala-English English-Lingala dictionary and phrasebook (New York, 1996) is mentionned «febuari» and not «februari».

I am waiting for your reasons, sources and comments. --Etienne (Bombo) 27 yúli 2009 à 21:31 (UTC)

I reverted my spelling corrections, after reading your helpful feedback. However, I had first corrected febuari because of the etymology of the word [1], in which a r precedes the u.- GilliamJF 23 sɛtɛ́mbɛ 2009 à 02:59 (UTC)

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