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Thank you for writing at this Wikipedia. This is the lingala edition of Wikipedia. So, articles should be written in lingala. If you prefer to write in English: no problem, do it in the English edition of wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org.

In fact, that is the reason, why someome put a "delete" information at your articles. If you want to keep them, just start to translate them into lingala. If you are not shure about the spelling, don't worry, a spell checker is available for free: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/lingala-spell-checker/

--Etienne (discussion) 14 febwáli 2017 à 10:42 (UTC)

Write in lingála, please![kobɔngisa mosólo]

Write in lingála, please! Articles in English will be deleted, even if you remove the correspondent note. Thank you for understanding. --Bombo (discussion) 5 mársi 2017 à 19:37 (UTC)