Système d'Information Taxonomique Intégré

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TSN {{{ID}}}. Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Purpose and description[kokoma | kobɔngisa mosólo]

This template creates a link to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), a database containing scientific names of biological taxa and a history of their classification.

Use and example[kokoma | kobɔngisa mosólo]

To use the template, you first need to search ITIS to find the taxon's ID number. The example wiki text

{{ITIS|ID=506801|taxon=''Camellia sinensis''|year=2006|date=16 February}}


Référence ITIS : TSN {{{1}}} (fr)

You can also use this as a TSN reference only by leaving out the taxon name; you may choose this format when you're using this template on second reference or when the taxon is clear from context. For example:



Référence ITIS : TSN {{{1}}} (fr)

Finally, to hide the interwiki link to Integrated Taxonomic Information System, you can add the optional parameter showITIS with a value of "no":



Référence ITIS : TSN {{{1}}} (fr)

This may be useful in cases where the ITIS link is given inline, for example:

The seeds of Camellia sinensis (Référence ITIS : TSN {{{1}}} (fr)) can be pressed...

Note: The citation style always adds a period after the last term unless neither the date nor the ITIS link are displayed.

Parameters[kokoma | kobɔngisa mosólo]

  • ID: The Taxonomic Serial Number (TSN) of the taxon in ITIS.
  • taxon (optional): The taxon's name. (Should be included, but in some cases, the taxon's name will be implicit from context.)
  • date, year (optional): The date the report was retrieved from ITIS.
  • showITIS (optional, defaults to "yes"): A flag to determine whether or not the interwiki link to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System page will be shown.

See also[kokoma | kobɔngisa mosólo]