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Info about me

My username is Stryn. I live in Tampere (Q40840), Finilanda (Q33). I registered to my first Wikimedia project, the Finnish Wikipedia on 6th October, 2006 at 20.54, and I've been contributing active since 2009. The following three I count as my "home projects":

Wikipedia-logo-v2-fi.png Finnish Wikipedia > User page
I am an administrator (January 2011–) and a CheckUser (May 2015–). I was a member of the Arbitration Committee between October 2013–September 2017.

Wikidata-logo-en.svg Wikidata > User page
I am an administrator (November 2012–). I was an oversighter between September 2013–June 2014.

Wikimedia-logo-meta.png Meta-Wiki > User page
I am an administrator (September 2014–).

I am a steward (March 2015–) (and earlier I was a global sysop and a global rollbacker). I was a member of the Ombudsman commission between February–June 2014.

I work as OTRS-volunteer. I am also member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team and I translate interface messages on Translatewiki and other messages on Meta as a tech ambassador.

I have attended some edithathons and other events in Finland led by Wikimedia Suomi. In 2016 I was in Wikimania in Italy. I'm interested mostly about sports, music, technology and travelling. On IRC you can find me e.g. at #wikimedia-stewards.

Feel free to contact me by leaving a message here or on my talk page on Meta.

Countries where I have visited

Flag of Finland.svg Finilanda (Q33) • I live here
Flag of Sweden.svg Swédi (Q34) • visited many times
Flag of Norway.svg Norvej (Q20) • visited many times
Flag of Denmark.svg Danemark (Q35) • 1992
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia (Q191) • 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Flag of Latvia.svg Letoni (Q211) • 2011, 2015, 2016
Flag of Italy.svg Italya (Q38) • 2014, 2016, 2018
Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatikáni (Q237) • 2014
Flag of Hungary.svg Ungri (Q28) • 2015, 2018
Flag of Russia.svg Rusí (Q159) • 2016
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine (Q212) • 2017
Flag of Croatia.svg Kroasia (Q224) • 2018
Flag of Germany.svg Alémani (Q183) • 2018
Flag of France.svg Falansia (Q142) • 2018
Flag of Spain.svg Espania (Q29) • 2018
Flag of Singapore.svg Singapur (Q334) • 2019
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indoneziá (Q252) • 2019
Flag of Qatar.svg Katar (Q846) • 2019

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More on the Finnish Wikipedia.

My photos

more photos on Commons More of my photos on Commons

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IRC-Nick: Stryn
E-Mail: strynwiki at gmail dot com

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Twitter: @StrynWM
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