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Mbɔ́tɛ DBlomgren! Boyéí bolámu na ebandélí ya wikipedia, pour tout question les administratuers Moyogo et Bombo sont à ta disposition. Des indications concernant l'orthographie lingála sont disponible, mais la majorité des articles ne la respecte pas ou que partiellement; participer est plus important. --Bombo 21:19, 3 novembere 2006 (UTC)

How to type african letters[kobɔngisa mosólo]

Mbɔ́tɛ DBlomgren You wrote at Moyogo's talk page:

I was surprised to find "Eropa" (Europe) as a word. I always thought it was "Poto" and searched for it - elókó tê. So I thought maybe if I typed "P - (upside-down c) - T - (upside-down c), I would find it, but of course, I didn't have a clue how to type that! If you could help me learn how to add redirects, nakosala yango. Melesi! DBlomgren 05:38, 8 novembere 2006 (UTC)

About Wikionary and Pɔtɔ, please wait for an answer from Moyogo. I am sorry about this, but I am very busy at University until end of this month, so I cannot check at my sources at the ZBZ library.

How to type african letters? There are different ways: (1) using the unicode codes (2) using the keybord you can download at Moyogo's user page ("Clavier Lingala / Lingala Keyboard Layout" for Linux, Mac and Windows) or (3) the easy way: click on the underlined letter just at the bottom of the editing field of Wikipedia ("Caractères spécieaux"): the letter will apear at the cursor's place. --Bombo 14:33, 9 novembere 2006 (UTC)

Mbote DBlomgren.
Erópa is a borrowed word for Europe, whereas Mpótó, which comes from the word Portugal, means many things. It generally means Europe, but it can also means America to a much lesser degree, or sometimes the Western world (Europe+America). However, it can be said that Mpótó usually does mean Europe. Oh, and about the wiktionary, there is no active use there. There are some lingala words on the French wiktionary: [1] and other sites have a good deal of vocabulary or lessons: [2] and [3] --Moyogo 23:43, 9 novembere 2006 (UTC)